We are a recruitment and staffing firm based out of Malaysia with offices in Singapore and Thailand focusing our services within the Asia region.

How can TIMESCONSULT help me to search for suitable jobs/ place candidates for suitable placements?

We work closely with our client companies to understand their recruitment needs. From there, we connect the potential talents with the companies and seek for the perfect match for the right role.

Do I need to pay if I get a job via TIMESCONSULT?

No. You do not need to pay a single cent for any successful employment via TIMESCONSULT.

What is the charges for job placements (employer)?

For employer, you may drop your enquiry HERE for further discussion about the hiring package and services. Our contact person will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Who can I speak to if my company would like to engage with TIMESCONSULT’s service?

Please click HERE to email us or give us a call at +603 2288 1112.

Where can I deposit my resume?

You may send your resume/ CV to all@timesconsult.com

Do you have any resume format that I can refer to?

Yes, please sign up with us and get your resume for free at www.askheadhunter.com . You may also browse the list of jobs available in the market with just a simply click.

How soon can I get the feedback for my job application(s)?

It depends on the job opening(s). Our consultants will get in touch with you ASAP should there be any job match with your professional profile.

TIMESCONSULT assists thousands of businesses in employments and hundred thousands of job seekers in careers.

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