Shortlist & Screening Services

Fact Finding on Talent Acquisition

Understand the difficulty of hiring for the role (Outstanding roles), the methodology used before and why it was not efficient and effective.

Talent Research & Filtering

Aligning and ensuring the right type of candidates get targeted for the role, then develop a candidate targeting plan with clients.

Managed Service Summary & Review

Clients can use the information in the summary to understand talents found and identify the best way to pursue them for the job opportunity. Also, to fact-find the reasons why some candidates are not interested so that you can better position the company in the future.

Talent Outreach & Prospecting

We will develop an outreach plan with the client, help to position and brand the company to the candidates to catch their interest by various means of communication.

Talent Targeting

Using algorithm technologies, we will aggregate suitable candidates from multiple platforms and filter them according to client's requirements to improve optimization and increase matching relevancy.

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